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True Blood Night Eternal Card Game

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Based on the Emmy®-nominated HBO series True Blood®, Night Eternal is a game that has existed for thousands of years as a favorite amongst the vampires in the True Blood® universe. In the battle to control The Authority and The Monarchy, players will access two card decks to do their bidding: Immortals and Agents. Immortals are powerful, but difficult to recruit. Agents are always ready and willing to do their master’s bidding.

Each round is highlighted by three turns of card play. Turn order varies during each of the three rounds each turn, keeping everyone on their toes looking for the right time to make their move. The ante is determined at random each turn by revealing the top card of the Immortal deck. The faction that Immortal favors gets more of your ante than the other faction.

Strategy and bluffing abound. If you make a big power-play towards one faction with your first card play of a turn, that might scare off the other players. Even if you can’t follow that up with additional strength, it may be too late for your opponents to switch. But the crafty ones might!

True Blood Night Eternal combines luck and skill blending concepts from traditional card games such as Poker, Hearts, and Rummy.

Content:100 Game cards

5 Faction Tokens

56 Glass Beads with Velvet Bag

1RulebookNumber of Players: 3 – 5

For Ages: 15 and up

Playing Time: 30–45 minutes

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